Week 8: Days a Week

This week was a more certain one than last. By that I mean life seemed a little more known; answers were had (see previous post), tangible progress was made, and probably something else but I’m mostly excited for these two. Baby is healthy and emotionally stable (maybe? check here for an interesting take on mother-infant associations and […]

Week 9: So far, so fine.

    Well, this week had some ups and downs, as I’m sure many will after this. We started out with a bit of a down. My wife and I had particular things we were looking forward to happening during the pregnancy, as I’m sure many soon-to-be parents before us have had. The whole idea […]

Week 10: The Countdown Starts

  I am going to be a father.   This isn’t something too terribly new to me, I’ve known for the past thirty or so weeks. It feels new though every time I say it. I’m not entirely sure why this is but I have a few ideas. I’ve always wanted to be a dad. […]