All Your Oat…(Are Belong to Us) – Eagle Rock Brewery

An American Double/Imperial IPA offering from Eagle Rock Brewery. Let’s see if it holds up!

Appearance: 3.0

Beautiful yet murky coloring on this brew: cloudy, golden yellow, and opaque. Head was a little flat but retained a thin wispy layer of filminess on the top throughout the drink. This thin head allowed for some easy lacing all the way down.

Smell: 2.75

Citrus packed on the nose. Grapefruit, lemon, orange (juice, zest) all fill the ol’ olfactory bulb pretty readily. Once that dies down, if that dies down, you might catch hints of pine, cinnamon, and mustard. Strangely absent from the nose was any grains, oh I don’t know, like oats? Maybe they’ll show up in the mouth instead…

Taste: 2.25

…or not. Maybe it was the way this particular brew was presented to me but I was definitely expecting more oats. Far more fruits are to be found here. Roast and malt hints come out on the back of the swallow followed by a gentle bitter aftertaste.

Feel: 4.0

Healthy levels of carbonation lend for a bright, crisp brew. AYO provides for a pleasant zing while on the tongue that mellows as it warms and doesn’t overstay its welcome after being swallowed. The zap of the carbonation pairs well with the citrus notes.

Overall: 3.0

Gorgeous looking, All Your Oat…falls a little flat in the chemical senses. I was really hoping for an oat enhanced brew that wasn’t a stout. True that on the finish you can catch a glimpse of a toasted oat flavor; however, for a brew so boldly named, I didn’t plan on having to search so hard for the namesake. Oats aside, the balance of flavor to feel was spot on and really was what saved this brew for me.francis2


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